Foreign Exchange Friday: Welcoming Your Student

EF Foundation 2012_DSC9800Have you been thinking about some great and fun ways to welcome your student into your family?  Are you stuck for ideas?  Try some of these:

  1. Welcome your student at the airport with a welcome sign, flowers, American or state flag and of course, smiles and hugs!
  2. Contact your student before s/he arrives to find out colors s/he likes so you can decorate his / her room.
  3. Print out pictures from your student’s photo album and put them in frames around the room.
  4. Find out other things your student likes that you could put in their room to make them feel more at home.
  5. Leave a small gift in his/her new room (toiletry set, travel guide, a small souvenir from the area such as a T-shirt from a local sports team, etc.)
  6. Give him/her a little time to settle in to his/her new surroundings.  Don’t bombard your student with house rules and the proper way to run the washing machine on the first day!
  7. Ask your student if there is anything s/he needs and offer to take him/her to the pharmacy, supermarket, etc.
  8. Find out what kinds of food and drinks your student likes and have some on hand for his/her arrival.
  9. Give the student a tour of your hometown; drive them past their school and don’t forget to take them in to register, if that’s required.
  10. Show an interest in getting to know your student.  S/he is your new family member, not a guest!

Do any seasoned host families out there have any other great ideas for welcoming a student?  If so, please share in the comments below!


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