Get to Know….Spain!

Silhouet Spain with Flag

Silhouet Spain with Flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Official Name: Kingdom of Spain (Reino de España)
  • Official Language: Spanish
  • Capital: Madrid
  • Currency: Euro
  • Area: 195,364 sq. m
  • Population: 47,265,321
  • Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  • Head of State:  King Juan Carlos I; Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy
  • National Anthem:  Marcha Real (Royal March)
  • Location: Southwestern Europe

Find out more about the country of Spain here.

Learn about traditional Spanish crafts.

English: The Passion façade of the Sagrada Fam...

English: The Passion façade of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

José Carreras – opera singer
Miguel de Cervantes – 17th century writer, author of Don Quixote
Penélope Cruz – actress
Salvador Dalí – 20th century surrealist artist
Plácido Domingo – opera singer
Antoni Gaudí – architect
Enrique Iglesias – singer
Rafael Nadal – tennis champion
Pablo Picasso – 20th century artist
Juan Ponce de León – explorer, first European to explore Florida
Hernando de Soto – explorer, discovered the Mississippi River


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