Foreign Exchange Friday: Getting Your Student Ready For the Year

EF Foundation 2012_DSC1082Now that your student has arrived and is getting acclimated to your home and family, it’s time to make sure they have everything they need to start the school.

  • Although we at EF Foundation for Foreign Study ensure that we have the student enrolled in school, most schools will also require the host family to bring the student in to formally register. Some schools’ websites  have registration forms available to download, so you can have them ready to go, while other schools may require they be filled out in person at the school.  Be sure to have your student bring any important documents, such as their passport, with them if necessary, so you don’t have to make multiple trips.
  • Your student will also need to get registered for courses.  It is required that students take an English class (NOT an ESL class) and American History/Government.  Otherwise, they can take whichever classes they choose.  That would also be a good time to speak with the counselor regarding what activities, such as sports or music, available, in case your student wishes to participate.  Some fall sports may have already started practicing, so your student may need to speak with the coach to find out any details or whether they could still join.
  • It’s also important to find out what your student will need for school.  Find out if there is a supply list or any special dress code requirements.  While your student is responsible for the costs of these  items, host families should assist their students in obtaining whatever they need.
  • Make sure your student is set for getting to and from school.  If you are planning to have them ride the bus, make sure to check with the school to find out if any additional steps need to be taken to ensure your student gets picked up and dropped off appropriately.
  • Have a copy of the school calendar available.  Most schools have them available on their websites.  Find out if there are any special New Student sessions your student should attend prior to the start of the year.

Do any veteran families have other tips for getting the school year off on the right foot?



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