Tasty Tuesday: Ebi No Tempura (海老の天ぷら)



  • 10 shrimps or prawns
  • salad oil for deep frying
  • a little flour


  • 1 egg
  • 1/6 cup cold water
  • 2/3 ounce flour

Dipping Sauce (Optional):

or Salt (Optional)

Step 1

Step 1:

Hull shell and devein the shrimp.

Step 2

Step 2:

Make a cut in the stomach side. Cut off the tip of the tail diagonally.

Step 3

Step 3:

To make coating, mix the egg and cold water in a bowl. Add the flour and toss.

Step 4

Step 4:

Dust the shrimps lightly with a little flour before applying the coating (see Step 5).

Step 5

Step 5:

With chopsticks, dip the shrimps into the coating and twirl them around to coat them. Fill a wok over half full with salad oil.

Step 6

Step 6:

Heat the oil to 340°F and deep-fry 3 to 5 shrimps about a few minutes until golden brown.

Step 7

Step 7:

Remove and drain on a rack. Cook the remaining shrimps in the same manner.

Step 8

Step 8:

You can use either dipping sauce or salt. To make the dipping sauce, mix bonito soup stock, soy sauce and sugar together in a pan and bring to a boil. Pour into two small bowls. Dip the shrimps into the dipping sauce.

Ebi no tempura

Or, if you prefer salt, pour a suitable amount onto a small plate and dip the shrimps into the salt.


Shrimp tempura is the most popular among tempura dishes.


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