Meet Some of Our Swedes!

English: Map of Sweden with flag.

English: Map of Sweden with flag. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Here are some of our great Swedish students:

Want to know what our EF Foundation for Foreign Study students are like?  Here are some of our featured Swedish students:

Eddie, 18:

Eddie is a sporty boy and he loves Judo, golf and running. Music is also one of his big passions and he plays the guitar. He is charming, flexible and optimistic. He looks at the bright side of life and is really nice to spend time with. His good mood is contagious.  He likes computers, guitar, listening to music, golf, judo and running.

I’m a outgoing person who likes to try new things. I think a person should be flexible and that’s just what I am. It’s as naturial as eating for me to play guitar or get a hard workout at the gym. I am an active person when it comes to physical acitivites as well as the psychological.

Carl, 17:

Carl is a very polite and open minded young man who is eager to learn about the US culture and life. He comes from a big family with many siblings and is very close to his father who he sees as a great role model. He wants to try new activities during his year and likes hanging out with friends and meeting new people. He loves travelling and exploring new places!  He likes movies, listening to music, soccer, computers, skiing and watching TV.

I am interested in a wide variety of music, sports in general, I like to laugh but I am serious when needed. I have a positive approach to life and to people. I take responsibility. I like travelling, meeting new people and new cultures. I am raised in a big family so therefore I am use to different types of people, both younger and older people.

Morgan, 18:

Morgan is a sporty person who likes to be active and hang out with his friends. He is always happy and hopes that he will be able to bring joy to his host family and have fun with them. Morgan is interested in finding out more about the american way of life and get to know the real USA. He thinks that it will be thrilling to attend an american high school and get new friends.  He likes movies, cooking, friends, listening to music, skiing, computers, fishing, going to the gym, reading and watching TV.

I like to wear nice clothes, hang out with my friends, play computer games sometimes, and exorcise. I’m also a social and friendly person that likes having an routine. I am a person who stands up for what I think is right and do the same for my friends.

Linus, 16:

Linus is a responsible and active guy who likes to take a ride on his long board or go to the gym. He would like to try new sports in USA and become part of a team. Linus loves to explore new things and to laugh. His favorite pets are cats and dogs, but he likes all animals and thinks that he might like to work with animals when he gets older. He cannot wait to meet his host family, get to know them and see what high school spirit really is like.  He likes computers, longboarding, listening to music and training at the gym.

I am a very happy person and laugh a lot, very positive, and curious and want to learn new things. I dont have trouble talking with new people and I am very social.

Are you interested in welcoming a student like one of these to your home?  There’s still time!  Fill out the form below to speak with an EF Foundation representative:


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