Saturday Students

If you’ve ever considered hosting a student, now is the time.   If you haven’t, check out some of our available students and see what a difference they could make in your home, school and community – and what a difference YOU can make to them!

Maximilian, 16, Germany

Interests:  Basketball, computers, skiing, listening to music

I would say that I am very determined. I am very confident and I am open to new things. I am helpful and can work well with other people. I am interested in playing basketball and spending time with my family. Furthermore I like languages: I study Latin as a second language.

Max is a highly likeable and sociable young man. He’s very open-minded, loves to be among people and counts basketball as one of his favorite hobbies. He also loves to be with his friends, go skiing or just relax with his family. The year abroad will definitely be a dream come true for him and you will love having him in your family.

Jose, 17, Spain

Interests:  Computers, field hockey, piano, soccer, listening to music, swimming, snowboarding, surfing, watching TV

I like sports but I am not obsessed. I am a funny guy. I am a good person, honest, talkative and friendly.

Jose loves snowboarding. He also likes music and many other sports. He’s well prepared to face a high school year abroad and know how this experience will influence in his future. He´ll be a great boy for any host family he is lucky to share his year with.

Edoardo, 17, Italy

Interests:  Fishing, computers, martial arts, listening to music, surfing, watching TV

I’m a very independent boy, I am precise and polite. I was born in the north of Italy but I have been leaving all my life in Sardinia in a nice and touristic town, where there’s no so much violence and criminality as in big cities, it is very crowded in summer season and relaxing in winter.

Edoardo is an extroverted and lively boy. He is athletic and especially enjoys windsurfing and martial arts. He is also interested in fishing, listening to music and watching movies. He is flexible, polite, reliable and well mannered. He believes this program will allow him to improve his personality and English and is very excited to be able to meet new people and live in a new community.

Phranai, 16, Thailand

Interests:  Choir/singing, movies, dance, drama/theatre, gardening, running, listening to music, volunteering, soccer

I think I friendly with everyone but in first generation when I live there I think in must hard to qualify because It is a new country new environment new family new friends and certainly new language so it hard to start a relationship with new friends but I will try to talk with them and I believe I can do it. I don’t like any illegal things and I don’t enjoy to quarrel with anyone I want to live peaceful.

Phranai is a humorous, kind, and open minded boy. He likes to play many kinds of sports. He also likes to dance and listen to the music. He is a pet lover. Dog is his favorite pet and he has 1 dog in his home. He usually spends time with his family having dinner and watching movies. Sometimes he helps his dad gardening and his mom cooking. He thinks that going abroad as an exchange student will gain him experiences and makes him learn about culture and language.

US Flag

US Flag (Photo credit: PS-OV-ART Patty Sue O’Hair-Vicknair, Artist)

Interested in hosting any of these great boys?  Interested in finding out about other students we still have available?  Fill out the contact form below and an EF Foundation representative will be in touch with you within 24 hours.


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