Sunday Students!

English: Flags of countries of the UEFA nation...

English: Flags of countries of the UEFA nations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These students may still be available to host.  If you’re interested in hosting or arrivaling for the upcoming school year, please use the contact form at the end of the post and an EF Foundation representative will be in touch within 24 hours.

Jannik, 16, Germany

Interests:  Movies, DJing, Snowboarding, Computers, Listening to music

It is important to me to live in a family and to do things together. I like to meet with friends an to consult family and friends when I need help. My friends say that I am funny although I am not extremely extroverted. I also need time-out for myself sometimes to relax or think about things. I like to sleep-in long at the week-ends.

 Jannik is a really great boy. He loves to do sports, especially snowboarding and surfing. He is open and easily integrates into new situations and environments. Jannik loves to pend time with his family and they do many things together. Jannik already spent one week in an English family and is eager to get to know the American culture.

Haider, 16, Denmark

Interests:  Basketball, computers, movies, reading, swimming, listening to music, soccer, watching TV
I am a very kind boy who likes to make fun and be social. I like to be active, and play all kind of sports.
Haider is really active and loves to play soccer – but he would love to try American Football while being in the US. He also loves to listen to music. He really likes animals. Haider is really family oriented and used to spending a lot of time with his family. He is very social and he often hangs out with friends. He always helps out at home and has got his own chores. He is very academic and always does his school work.

Shotaro, 16, Japan

Interests:  Movies, listening to music, skiing, watching TV, ice-skating, piano, soccer
I have a brother.We are a family, brother, good rival, and fellow confide anythings. I can get along with siblings so, I’m sure I can have a great relationship with your kids if you have. I want to make a good friendship with them during studying abroad, and I want to keep in touch even after the year. I think it would be very nice. So,I guess everything to see would be interesting.
Shota is a very ambitions student who likes sports. He has had an interest in studying abroad naturally, because there are many exchange students in his school. He is excited to go to US to study.  He will be a great student there!

Seungmin, 16, South Korea

Interests:  Boxing, computers, soccer, watching TV, movies, listening to music, volunteering
I am very positive and get adjust myself easily in new environment. You might think I am shy when we meet first time, but you will find out that I am very active and outgoing. I would like to play sports and hang out with friends. I look forward to meeting my host family and friends for my great year in US!

Seungmin is very cheerful and bright boy who loves to meet new people and get to know each other. He also loves to play sports with his friends and he does his best at what he does.I do believe that he is going to be a great exchange student who will be loved by his future host family.

If you are interested in hosting any of these students or any other student, please contact us today!


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