Get to Know….Austria!

Flag of Austria

Flag of Austria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Find out more about Austria here.

Here are some kid-friendly activities related to Austria and its culture.


English: in Innsbruck. Français : La Flussprom...

English: in Innsbruck. Français : La Flusspromenade (Promenade de la rivière), sur les bords de l’Inn, à Innsbruck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Falco – 80s pop star (“Rock Me Amadeus“)
  • Sigmund Freud – psychiatrist
  • Joseph Haydn – composer
  • Gustav Klimt – artist, helped found the Vienna Secession movement
  • Fritz Lang – film director
  • Gustav Mahler – composer
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – composer
  • Ferdinand Porsche – automotive engineer and entrepreneur
  • Otto Preminger – film director
  • Wolfgang Puck – chef
  • Oskar Schindler – industrialist, WWII hero
  • Johann Strauss – composer
  • Erwin Schrödinger – physicist, Nobel Prize winner
  • Franz Schubert – composer
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger – actor, former governor of California
  • Daniel Swarovski – founder of crystal company, Swarovski
  • Georg Ludwig von Trapp – head of the Sound of Music family
  • Ludwig Wittgenstein – philosopher

Interested in learning more about Austria and its culture?  Consider welcoming a student from there or another of our High School Year countries!


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