Tasty Tuesday: Sweet Rice Cake (Mo chi)

Sweet Rice Cake (Mo chi)
This is a delicious Taiwanese dessert, great for nibbling and sharing. I love its textures – smooth, chewy, melts in your mouth and is great for those that don’t like it too sweet. Show off your creativity to your friends and family!
Preparation time: 30 mins
Cooking time:30 mins

Makes 20

500 gram rice flour
500 ml coconut milk
200 gm sugar
Desiccated coconut
100 gram red bean paste
100 gram smooth peanut butter
20 gram sugar


1. In a bowl, mix the rice flour and 200 gram sugar.
2. Slowly add the coconut milk and mix until it forms a mixture.
3. In a ban-marie, slowly cook the mixture until it turns clear (approx 30 mins). Set aside to cool.
4. In a bowl, mix peanut butter and 20 gram sugar together and a dash of hot water to loosen the mixture.
5. Using a well floured hand, grab a small ball of the cooled dough mixture and roll smoothly.
6. Flatten and take a spoon of either red bean paste or peanut butter paste and put in the middle of the dough.
7. Slowly wrap the dough around the mixture and pinch to enclose well. Roll to smooth.
8. Dip the ball around either rice flour or desiccated coconut.
9. Put aside to set.
Alterations to the fillings include black sesame paste, yellow bean paste or matcha paste.

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