Saturday Students!

Sarah, 15, Austria

Sarah is a social and humorous girl. She lives with her parents and her older sister. In her free time, she loves playing instruments like clarinet and she is playing in the orchestra. As well she would like to learn to play the piano. She often has barbecues with her friends and family and enjoys playing board games, make trips and cooking with her family. Sarah is very close with her sister and they like spending time together.  Another passion of her is cooking.

Oliver, 17, Denmark

He is an active and athletic boy who loves to do sports and would also enjoy trying new sports activities in the US. He hopes to further improve his English skills and experience the American culture and become an integrated part of a host family. He has a great sense of humor and loves to spend time with his family and friends.

Kazuhiro, 17, Japan

Kazuhiro is a student who has a strong wish to study in the United States. Last year, he went to Philippines and attended classes for a short time.  Through this experience, he learned that there are many cultures in the world, and it is fun to learn the differences. He loves music and playing the guitar.  I am really sure that he would make his exchange year great!

WooHo, 16, South Korea

Woo ho is active and positive teenager who loves listening to classic music and pets. He knows his responsibility as a student and family members and also makes a detail plan for his life. Going abroad as an exchange student will be the first step for his life journey and with his strong will and attitude, Woo ho will make his best year in US with host family and friends.

Liselotte, 17, Netherlands

Liselotte is a likeable, optimistic and talkative student. She really likes to experience a new culture and improve her English.  According to her mom she has a sweet personality. She really likes music, she likes choir, playing the piano and loves dancing! Especially hip hop and ballet. She also has a huge passion of fashion. She is really proud of this: “At the Easter celebration, I prayed for the whole school and that’s like 250 – 300 people. This is very impressive.” She is a Christian girl and goes to church every week. She is also into sports.

Piyapan, 17, Thailand

Piyapan is a kind, honest, outgoing and open minded boy. He likes to do a lot of activities such as volleyball and watching movies. Moreover, he would like to do a lot of activities with his host family during the exchange year as well such as go to travel, cooking, play sport, grow plant, shopping and watching movie.  During exchange year if he gets a misunderstanding with host family, he will adapt and make it clear with host family. Of course, he will apologize forthe mistake. His favorite subjects are English and club.

Would you be interested in hosting any of these students or one of the many others we are placing for the 2014 – 2015 school year?  


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