Wordless Wednesday: Homesick for Germany

I spent a semester in college living in Bayreuth, Germany, a town in northern Bavaria famous for the annual Wagner Festspiel.  Sometimes, I come across pictures and want to go back…a feeling our exchange students will hopefully have at the end of their time abroad.  Enjoy!

Eremitage, Bayreuth

Eremitage, Bayreuth

Pavilion in the Hofgarten

Marktplatz (Maximilianstrasse)

The University


Wagner, Liszt and the guinea-fowl in Bayreuth (spajzgirl.wordpress.com)
Eremitage (beautyanddecay.wordpress.com)
So, You Want to Study Abroad? 10 Tips For Studying Abroad (samandro.com)
Packing List for a Semester Abroad (iwhowander.wordpress.com)
Labas! (lyssinlithuania.wordpress.com)


One thought on “Wordless Wednesday: Homesick for Germany

  1. Hey, this takes me back! I came to the UK for the very first time as a language student…back in summer 1977. So glad you had a nice time in Germany. I’m from Schleswig Holstein originally and have never made it to Bayreuth so far, but now that I’ve seen your pictures, I’d love to go one day. Thanks for sharing with us.

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