Monday Matches: Asian Students

Jin, 15, Japan

• Baseball
• Cooking together
• Board games
• Fishing

Jin started to have an interest in studying in the United States when he went to New York to to participate in a ballet convention. He couldn’t communicate with people in English at that time, so he has a strong will to improve his English skills by talking with many people during his exchange
year. Also, he used to travel to other countries such as France, Belgium, Singapore, and so on.  His father is a pastry chef, so Jin went to European countries many times with his father. His family is international, so he has much support from the family.

Yubin, 15, Korea, South

• Baseball/Softball
• Choir/Singing
• Board games
• Volunteering

Yubin has a great personality.  He encourages and helps his classmates who don’t do well during the class. He is a well disciplined student. He knows how to apologize and gratitude to people. He is always saying that expression. He likes baseball. So He will enjoy it during a High School Year with his friends and host family.

Chaitawat, 15, Thailand

• Drums
• Soccer

Chiatawat is one of kind student, polite and open-minded.  He would like to be exchange student because of gain new experience and improve language.

Hsiang-Wei, 16, Taiwan

• Baseball/Softball
• Excursion or Trips
• Martial arts
• Camping
• Hiking
• Volleyball

Hsiang-Wei (Henry) has a pleasant and outgoing personality and is able to carry on a conversation in English without any problems even in a high pressure situation. His sense of humor always makes everyone around him happy. Henry has a variety of interest, but his loves are playing baseball and assemble machine. He is an all-around student and I am sure he will be a successful exchange student.


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