Multicultural Monday: St Patrick’s Day

March 17th is St Patrick’s Day and in the US serves as a cause to celebrate one’s Irish heritage.  The date of March 17th is significant because it is the feast day of St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.  Legend has it that he used the shamrock, a clover, to explain the Holy Trinity to pagans and helped convert Ireland to Christianity.

Although not an official holiday in the US, it is celebrated with parades, eating and drinking and wearing the color green.  The city of Chicago even dyes the river green!

The FDNY EMS Pipes and Drums Band Took Part In The New York Parade On Sunday And Then Jetted To Dublin To March In Dublin On Sunday (8566206960)
FDNY Pipes & Drums, NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade

St. Patricks Day Parade (2013) In Dublin Was Excellent But The Weather And The Turnout Was Disappointing (8565108095)
St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland

Green Chicago River on Saint Patricks Day 2009
The Chicago River, dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day


Happy St Patty’s Day (
St Patrick’s Day Activities (
St Patrick’s Day (
St Patrick:  patron saint of the Irish and a ‘Great Briton’ (
Happy St Patrick’s Day!  (


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