Word of the Day Wednesday: Bothántaíocht


Thatched cottages in Ballyvaghan, Co. Clare - geograph.org.uk - 250617

From ‘bothán,’ meaning ‘hut’ or ‘cabin,’ the word refers to the act of going around the neighbours’ houses, collecting gossip or stories.


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Word of the Day Wednesday – Thank You!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving being right around the corner, here’s how to say “Thank You!” in the languages of our EF Foundation exchange students!

thank you note for every language

thank you note (Photo credit: woodleywonderworks)

Word of the Day: Wu Wei 無為

Wu Wei 無為

Conscious non-action.  It’s a deliberate, and principled, decision to do nothing whatsoever, and to do it for a particular reason.


wuwei (Photo credit: Lefteris Koulonis)

Word of the Day Wednesday: Waldeinsamkeit


Waldeinsamkeit (Photo credit: Lucas Stanley)

Waldeinsamkeit (German):

A feeling of solitude, being alone in the woods and a connectedness to nature. 

Word of the Day Wednesday: Hygge


Hygge (Danish)


complete absence of anything annoying, irritating or emotionally overwhelming, and the presence of and pleasure from comforting, gentle and soothing things.


Hygge i fælledparken

Hygge i fælledparken (Photo credit: Kristian Thøgersen)

Word of The Day Wednesday: 눈 웃음

눈 웃음 – (Noon Ooh-Soom)

Literally “eye laugh”. The form one’s eyes take, usually into a semi circle or arch, when they smile or laugh. “n.n”

Deutsch: Lachende Comicfigur in Form eines Kem...

Deutsch: Lachende Comicfigur in Form eines Kemonomimi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Word of the Day Wednesday: Swiss German


a person who helps you get a job you’re interested in and “brings you in” to a position; a combination of angel and mentor.


Swiss Dialect

Swiss Dialect (Photo credit: Kecko)


Word of the Day Wednesday: Culaccino

Colonia Condesa, Distrito Federal, México

Colonia Condesa, Distrito Federal, México (Photo credit: josewolff)

Culaccino (Italian):  the mark left on a table by a wet or damp glass.

Word of the Day Wednesday: Voorpret

Voorpret (Dutch) = The feeling you have just before you are about to do something fun

This is probably the same feeling our students have before embarking on their year-long adventure of living in the USA!

Voorpret en grootte woorden!

Voorpret en grootte woorden! (Photo credit: @martius)

Be a hero and accept an exchange student into your home; we have students still available for full-year placement, as well as half year beginning in January and even for next school year.  Let one of them experience the feeling of voorpret!

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