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776_10201052640535715_1048690781_nI’m Amy Bryan and I am the Regional Coordinator for EF Foundation for Foreign Study in the Mid-Atlantic states of Delaware and Maryland.  I also still work with program participants in Delaware as an International Exchange Coordinator.  EF Foundation is continuing its expansion into Delaware and Maryland and I am looking forward to the possibilities of finding new families and IECs to join our ever-growing EF Foundation family.

I am a huge proponent of cultural exchange and its global importance.  In fact, my professional life has been devoted to it!  I graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Arts degree in German Education.  While studying at UD, I spent a semester abroad at the Universität Bayreuth in the state of Bavaria in Germany.  After graduation, I was fortunate enough to find a teaching position and taught high school German for seven years in the Philadelphia suburbs.  During my time teaching, I had my first experience with EF when I took some of my German students on an EF Educational Tour to Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland.  It was such a great way for them to really experience the German culture first-hand and getting to share it with them was one of the highlights of my teaching career.

When my son was born, I decided it was time for a change and began life as a stay-at-home mom.  To keep myself busy and actively involved in cultural exchange, I found my way back to EF, where I started out as a local coordinator for the au pair childcare program and now have switched back to my high school expertise by working with the high school year program.  I have lots of experience with helping program participants through issues that may arise during the year, so don’t hesitate to think of me as an additional point of contact to help you with questions or concerns.

If you’d like to learn more about welcoming a student into your home sometime in the future or you’d be interested in becoming an International Exchange Coordinator locally, fill out the form below or contact me directly.

 Phone:  302-898-7392
Email:  amy.bryan@effoundation.org
Facebook:  Mid-Atlantic Foreign Exchange

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