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Become an International Exchange Coordinator with EF Foundation for Foreign Study!

Our IECs are responsible for working with schools to identify available slots for exchange students, finding host families to welcome students into their homes for one or two semesters, matching those families with the right students to ensure a successful exchange experience, and then mentoring students and families throughout the exchange experience.

Coordinators should have a “volunteer spirit,” but are rewarded for their efforts with fantastic cash and travel rewards. The coordinator role is flexible, you decide how many hours you would like to invest based on the number of students you place and supervise.

Coordinators must be at least 25 years old, and are subject to the same approval and screening process as our host families, as some coordinators will need to house students in emergency or transitional cases. IECs can sign on at any point during the year and we welcome your interest!

As an EF Foundation coordinator, you can get as much out of the position as you put into it — from the satisfaction of knowing that you are enriching your community and the lives of the familes and students you connect, to tangible benefits like extra cash and fantastic travel and merchandise rewards.

EF Foundation is proud to be recognized as one of the most compliant exchange programs in the country by both the State Department and CSIET, two organizations who closely monitor exchange. This honor is achieved through the hard work of our coordinators and the extra steps we take to safeguard our students and carefully screen host families.

Although we believe that it is essential for our coordinators to have a “volunteer spirit” driving their dedication to exchange, we also want to reward the time and energy that our coordinators invest in this position. Many of our coordinators also have full or part-time jobs, in addition to family and community obligations, and we work with each one to find a “workload” that makes sense.

As an EF Foundation coordinator, you are compensated for student placements as well as student supervision, plus you can earn additional compensation for a variety of milestones and achievements.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming an IEC, fill out our online interest form.  When it asks you heard about the position, be sure to mention this blog!

Become a host family recruiter!

Q: What is a Host Family Recruiter?
A: A Host Family Recruiter is a new role at EF Foundation for Foreign Study. The position was created as an option for individuals who want to help promote cultural exchange, but who cannot make the full commitment of an IEC.

Q: What does a Host Family Recruiter do?
A: A Host Family Recruiter finds host family leads. S/he reports into the local coordinator as well as the Recruitment and Placement Manager.

Q: What does a Host Family Recruiter NOT do?
A: A Host Family Recruiter does not have access to student applications; does not share student applications with families; does not secure school slots; and does not supervise students or families during the exchange year. Once a Host Family Recruiter finds a family lead, that lead is turned over to a local IEC who completes the family application and screening process.

Q: Is a Host Family Recruiter compensated?
A: Yes, a Host Family Recruiter is paid $100 for each family they find once that family is screened, accepted, and their student placement is compliant with all necessary paperwork. The Host Family Recruiter may also be eligible for bonuses once they have recruited multiple families. Host Family Recruiters are not eligible for travel incentives or bonus points.  For the 2011-12 placement season, Host Family Recruiters are eligible for the following bonuses on top of the standard $100 fee per compliant match:
• 3 placements = $200 bonus
• 5 placements = $400 bonus
• 8 placements = $700 bonus
• 10 placements = $1,000 bonus

Q: What paperwork do we require from a Host Family Recruiter?
A: Since a Host Family Recruiter will not have direct contact with students, s/he is not required to fill out the same paperwork as an IEC. However, a Host Family Recruiter must complete a Letter of Agreement (LOA) and a W-9, in order to be paid. In addition, the Host Family Recruiter must submit to a background check although the results will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Host Family Recruiters are accountable for maintaining the same professional, recruiting and marketing standards as an IEC.

Q: Does a Host Family Recruiter need to be 25 years old?
A: No, a Host Family Recruiter can be a minimum of 18 years old.

Q: Who would be a good Host Family Recruiter?
A: Several types of people would be good Host Family Recruiters – 18-25-year-olds, e.g. college students, who are enthusiastic about exchange but cannot be IECs; otherwise qualified individuals whose living situations prevent them from hosting and, therefore, being IECs; otherwise qualified individuals who cannot make the time commitment of an IEC but who are enthusiastic about exchange and feel they could help EF Foundation find host families in their community; current IECs in good-standing who may be planning to leave the position because of the required time commitment, but who would consider staying in a less time consuming, non-supervising capacity.

As a non-profit organization, EF Foundation relies on the good will of the community to help us grow our program. The Host Family Recruiter role is a great tool for us to say “Yes!” to more enthusiastic citizens who want to help promote high school exchange.

To speak to someone today about joining us as a coordinator or a recruiter, call 1-800-44-SHARE (74273), or click here to fill out our online interest form.


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